Grocery Shopping

The Grocery Shopping service will offer you a pick-up and return trip to a grocery store and/or shopping mall to do your own food shopping.


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Answers to your Questions

1.   Where do I get picked up?

We will pick you up and drop you off at the front entrance to your home.

2.   Will I shop in a group?

Yes, shopping trips are organized in small groups with our van or bus to offer you the lowest cost possible.

3.   Where do you go for the grocery shopping?

We alternate between various locations.   Our regular grocery shopping trips go to No Frills at Dufferin Mall and to Metro at Cloverdale Mall.

4.   When is the grocery shopping service?

No Frills at Dufferin Mall: Every Friday and every other Tuesday

Metro at Cloverdale Mall: Every other Tuesday

 5.   Can I shop for other things besides food?

Due to space restrictions we are unable to accommodate items other than food.

6.   Are there any limitations on how much I can buy?

Due to space restrictions, each passenger is limited to four bags or one folding shopping cart.

7.   Can I shop in the Mall on days that the service goes to Dufferin or Cloverdale Mall?

Yes, clients are welcome to shop in the mall as long as they return on time at the designated pick-up spot for the return trip.   Please note we are only able to bring back grocery food items.