The Meals-on-Wheels (MOW) service delivers nutritional lunches and fresh produce to your home. The service offers a wide selection of hot or frozen lunches and an option to receive our Fruit and Vegetable Baskets.

Meals provided through this program are intended to be a supplemental food source and not a client’s only source of food

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Answers to your Questions
1.   Do I get a selection of food to choose from?

You may choose to receive hot meals or frozen meals or a combination of the two. You may also choose to receive our Fruit and Vegetable baskets.
Hot Meals:
We offer a pre-selected hot meal menu for delivery. During your initial assessment, we make note of your food preferences and diet restrictions.
Frozen Meals:
You may select from a menu selection of over 60 frozen entrees as well as a selection of soups and desserts. A listing of our frozen food offering is found in the Menu 
Fruit & Vegetable Baskets:
Each baskets offers a selection of mixed fruit and vegetables or just fruit.

2.   What do I receive with my hot or frozen meals?

Along with your entrée, you will also receive a soup, dessert and cracker.

3.   Do you offer vegetarian options?

Yes, we offer a select group of vegetarian options for both our hot and frozen meals. Please see Menu 

4.   Do you provide food from different ethnic cultures?

Our main menu has a variety of food offerings.   Dishes are a mix of typical offerings found within Toronto that represent western and cultural specific backgrounds.

5.   Do you offer food based on my health or diet requirements?

Yes, please note your diet requirements at the time of assessment.

6.   When is the food delivered?

Hot meals are delivered between 11 and 1, Monday to Friday. Frozen meals are delivered Tuesday to Friday between 11 and 1. Fruit & Vegetable baskets are delivered bi-weekly on Wednesdays.

7.   Do you deliver on weekends?

No, we currently do not deliver food on weekends. However, you may order frozen meals for your weekend meals.

8.   What other benefits does the MOW services provide?

This service also provides a natural security check on our clients. Should no one answer the door or a delivery cannot be made, we will follow up with the listed emergency contact to determine if everything is alright.