Respite Care

The Respite Care Service offers support and stimulation in the home of frail and/or disabled individuals who cannot be safely left alone.  It is ideal for family, friends or anyone looking after the needs of another who may need relief from their caregiving responsibilities.

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See Eligibility requirements for our services

Answers to your Questions
1.   Our Respite Care workers can:

•  Provide caregiver relief
•  Give support and companionship
•  Maintain a safe environment
•  Provide personal care as needed
•  Carry out instructions on special needs
•  Prepare simple meals
•  Provide physical and mental stimulation

2.   Who provides the service in our home?

We will send one of our qualified Home/Personal Support Workers (HSW/PSW).

3.   Can I request a HSW/PSW who speaks a specific language?

We do our best to accommodate the needs of the client when matching HSW/PSW’s who speak a variety of languages. However, based on demand and availability we cannot guarantee that we are able to meet a specific language need. Please see Accessibility.