Transportation Services

Transportation Services offers rides to medical and social appointments for seniors and adults with disabilities.  Transportation rides to shopping malls and other trips are also available. 

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Toronto RIDE



West Toronto Support Services is a member of Toronto Ride. Launched in 1998, Toronto Ride is a collaborative partnership of fourteen not-for-profit, community support service agencies that provides door-to-door, assisted transportation to seniors 55+ and adults with disabilities who are not eligible for Wheel-Trans. Its transportation services help clients live independently by offering equitable access to health care, Adult Day Programs, and appointments and activities in the Toronto-area.”

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Answers to your Questions


1.   What are the hours offered for this service?

Our transportation services are offered from 9:00 am to 4pm each week, Monday to Friday.

2.   Do you provide rides for social appointments?

We provide rides to medical and social appointments.   

3.   How far in advance must I request my ride?

Rides must be booked three days in advance and clients can book rides up to one month in advance.  Booking earlier will improve the chances of getting the ride.

4.   What area in Toronto does your service cover?

We service the Greater Toronto Area. To qualify, clients must have a home address in our service area .    Destinations may be anywhere in the City of Toronto that begins with an “M” postal code.

5.   Do I have to tip my driver?

No. Tipping is not expected nor accepted by our drivers.

6.   Can I take my wheelchair or walker?

Most community ride vehicles are not wheelchair accessible. Walkers and wheelchairs may only be taken if they are able to fold. The driver may assist you in doing this. 

There are a few vehicles within the Toronto RIDE network that can carry a full wheelchair but availability is limited.  

You must inform us of any assistive devices at the time of booking your appointment.

7.   What is your cancellation policy?

24 hours notice is required to cancel your appointment without being charged.


  1. Where do I get picked up?

We will pick you up and drop you off at the front entrance to your home.

2.   Will I shop in a group?

Yes, shopping trips are organized in small groups with our van or bus to offer you the lowest cost possible.

3.   Where do you go for the grocery shopping?

We alternate between various locations.   Our regular grocery shopping trips go to No Frills at Dufferin Mall and to Metro at Cloverdale Mall.

4.   When is the grocery shopping service?

No Frills at Dufferin Mall: Every Friday and every other Tuesday

Metro at Cloverdale Mall: Every other Tuesday

 5.   Can I shop for other things besides food?

Due to space restrictions we are unable to accommodate items other than food.

6.   Are there any limitations on how much I can buy?

Due to space restrictions, each passenger is limited to four bags or one folding shopping cart.

7.   Can I shop in the Mall on days that the service goes to Dufferin or Cloverdale Mall?

Yes, clients are welcome to shop in the mall as long as they return on time at the designated pick-up spot for the return trip.   Please note we are only able to bring back grocery food items.