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Programs/supports for caregivers in community

Self-care for caregivers

Attention caregivers! Read these tips about taking care of YOU. Thank you McMaster Universitiy for the researsch Did you know that 80% of older adults with long-term health conditions are cared for at home by family and friends? While informal caregivers take a huge amount of stress off the healthcare system, they take on a…

Toronto Seniors Helpline (416) 217-2077

The Toronto Seniors Helpline (TSH) is an easy way for seniors and caregivers to navigate community support and crisis services within Toronto. To receive help with community supports, crisis services, care at home, supportive counselling or caregiver resources and support, call (416) 217-2077.

Are you a caregiver? Over 55?

12 Hours that can Change Your Life Do you want to sleep better, feel happier, have more energy, gain confidence, get out more, enjoy better relationships, help other? In 8 fun, friendly sessions —one per week— this program helps people make a difference to their lives. Each session is expertly moderated and includes a free booklet.…

PRINT OUT: Tips for Caregiver Wellness

It’s easy for people to say, “Take care of yourself,” but Eboni Green, Ph.D., RN, co-founder of Caregiver Support Services in Omaha, has come up with a plan that anyone can use, whether moment by moment, or day by day. The following super simple mantra helps caregivers achieve peak wellness: everything from cuddle with a pet…