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Toronto Seniors Helpline (416) 217-2077

The Toronto Seniors Helpline (TSH) is an easy way for seniors and caregivers to navigate community support and crisis services within Toronto. To receive help with community supports, crisis services, care at home, supportive counselling or caregiver resources and support, call (416) 217-2077.

This week our #CommunitySupportStories acknowledges Meals-on-Wheels @OCSAtweets @VolunteerTO


All Ontarians deserve the opportunity to live in the comfort of their own homes and communities. In Toronto, West Toronto Support Services has made an impact with all our programs and we’d like to highlight the amazing volunteers in our Meals-on-Wheels Team as part of this week’s #CommunitySupportStories. Why volunteer for Meals-on-Wheels? Support your Community: by volunteering, you’re not only…

Understanding Geriatric Depression: Video and Tips for Caregivers

What does depression look like in those over 65 years of age? Baycrest Health Sciences’ Dr. Robert Madan sits down with Steve Paikin to explain how geriatric depression presents itself. Here is the short video and below we give some important tips to support our caregivers. If you think an elderly friend or relative suffers…

Volunteer Profile: Alex Lee

Alex Lee – Meals on Wheels Dept. One knows when Alex has arrived.   He’ll show up with an air of friendly confidence and gladly greet each and everyone with a “Hi”. Not one to waste time, he’ll happily go about making sure that everyone is ready to get started.    Alex has a few roles at…