Answers to your Questions

1.   What do I bring to a Volunteer Interview?

You will be required to bring a completed Volunteer Application Form and three references.  A resume is also an asset.

2.   I’m not able to print the Volunteer Application Form at home – what do I do?

If you’re not able to download or print a Volunteer Application Form, please call (416) 653-3535 Ext. 247 or (416) 249-7946 to make an appointment and we will arrange to have it filled out with you at our office.

3.   Are there any additional forms I need to fill out?

Yes, once a Volunteer has been accepted, we require them to fill out a Waiver of Liability and a Privacy Statement form.

3.   Am I guaranteed a Volunteer Position?

During the Volunteer Interview, we review your application and determine if there is a best fit with our needs and your skills.  Although we cannot guarantee a perfect match each time, we do our best to find a role that brings out the best in our volunteers – allowing them to use their skills and grow while supporting our agency’s mission.

4.   Do I need to do a Police Reference Check?

Volunteers must have a clean record and upon a successful volunteer application, we will require new volunteers to complete a Police Reference Check. Our agency will pay for this process. While we process the forms, volunteers will also need to sign a Waiver of Liability Form

5.   Do you accept individuals on Ontario Works and Ontario Disability Security Pension?

Yes, both Ontario Works and Ontario Disability Security Pension recipients are welcome to apply for a volunteer position.

6.   What is the required time commitment?

We encourage all new applicants to volunteer for a minimum of 3 months.  Time commitment per week will vary depending on the position. Some are quite flexible while others offer more regular schedules. Please see Volunteer Positions for more information.

7.   What do you look for in a Volunteer?

Aside from specific skills described in our Volunteer Positions, we encourage individuals to apply who have good listening skills, patience, empathy and enthusiasm. You must enjoy working with older adults and/or supporting those in the community to live independently. Other languages are also an asset.

8. Will training for the position be provided?

Training specific to the position will take place prior and during your volunteering. On-going support will be provided from the Volunteer Coordinator and fellow volunteers.  Skills specific to the position will be posted under the “Requirements” of the volunteer role posting.

Do you have a further question not answered here?

Call and speak to our Volunteer Coordinator if you have any questions, (416) 653-3535 Ext. 247 or (416) 249-7946

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