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Drivers are the some of the core volunteers in our Meals-on-Meals dept. They ensure our hot meals are delivered in a timely fashion to our clients in the west end community. If you like flexible hours, meeting other volunteers, helping others, have a vehicle, then we need you!

In just 3 steps:

  1. Complete our Volunteer Application Form 
  2. Call or email to make interview appointment: (416) 653-3535 Ext. 233 or
  3. Bring your valid driver’s license, a copy of vehicle ownership and insurance.

Answers to your Questions:

1.   What are my responsibilities?

You will be responsible for driving the food to its destination. A typical route on any given day can be from 8-12 homes.  Homes will be clustered together by our coordinator so delivery times are efficient and relatively quick.  You need to be comfortable driving in our service area and have a second volunteer in your vehicle to deliver the meal from car to front door.

2.   Do I need to use my own vehicle?

Yes, this position requires a volunteer to use their own vehicle.  You may use a car, a truck, minivan or anything that has four wheels.  We also have opportunities for cyclists on our shorter routes and have accommodated scooters and motorcyclists..

3.   What time commitment can I expect?

Our drivers time commitment ranges from 11:00am to 1:30pm depending on the route you are given and which site you volunteer at.  You may choose to volunteer once per week or several times a week to accommodate your schedule.

4.   Do I deliver the meal to the door of the client?

Drivers will pair with a “runner” who will deliver the meals from the vehicle to the client’s house.  This is a second volunteer who will often sit in the back of your vehicle with an insulated bag containing the food.  They will be responsible for organizing food and meeting the client.  See Runner for more information.

5.   Am I covered under my insurance for this position?

Yes, in most cases your insurance company will cover you for this type of volunteer work. If required, we shall provide a letter to your insurance company explaining the details of your role. Please bring a copy of your insurance to the interview.

6.   Will I be reimbursed for my gas?

We reimburse $7.50 per route for anyone using their own vehicle for this volunteer position. A route typically consists of between 8 and 12 homes in close proximity to one another within our service area .

7.   What do I bring to a Volunteer Interview?

You will be required to bring a completed Volunteer Application Form (see step 2) above, government photo ID and three references. A resume is also an asset.

8.   I’m not able to print the Volunteer Application Form at home – what do I do?

If you’re not able to download or print a Volunteer Application Form, please call (416) 653-3535 Ext. 233 to make an appointment and we will arrange to have it filled out with you at our office.

Do you have a further question not answered here?

Please read our Answers to your Questions for further information.

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