Groups & Corporations

We are always open to accepting group volunteering from business’, corporations or other organizations. It is an opportunity for a group of people to experience our services and sometimes work on special projects that are available.

To inquire about a group volunteer event, please follow these steps:

  1. Complete our Group Volunteer Application Form 
  2. Send completed Group Volunteer Application Form to
  3. We will review your application and contact you.

Answers to your Questions:

1.   How many people do you accept in a group?

Groups may range from 2 to 15 people.  Depending on the activity or project they may be involved with and if we are able to accommodate at the time requested.

2.   What kind of activities can we help with?

We have had volunteers participate as a group in our Community Dining, Meals-on-Wheels, Adult Day Services (ADS) and Supportive Housing programs.  We have also had special projects such as landscaping our garden and painting our ADS space for clients.  We are always open to other creative ideas that may benefit the community or the clients we service.

3.   What forms will our group be required to complete?

All volunteers will be required to complete a Waiver Liability Form . An optional Photo Consent Form is also provided.

4.   Do you reimburse tokens or gas mileage for group volunteering?

Please talk to our Volunteer Coordinator when they contact you.

Do you have a further question not answered here?

Call (416) 249-7946,